Customizing the Hive Metastore Configuration

This topic describes how to customize the Hive Metastore configuration in tenant namespace in HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise.

The hivemeta-cm is the default ConfigMap for the Hive Metastore.

The hivemeta-cm ConfigMap is mounted into the Hive Metastore pod in the tenant namespace.

After the helm installation, the Hive Metastore pod configures itself and creates a hive-site.xml file based on the - template-hivemeta-cm.yaml file in the hpe-templates-compute namespace.

When the Hive Metastore pod is ready, the pod creates a hivesite-cm ConfigMap in the tenant namespace. This ConfigMap contains the updated version of hive-site.xml file.

To update the configuration properties of a running Hive Metastore pod, modify the hivemeta-cm ConfigMap in the tenant namespace and restart the pod. Delete the autogenerated hivesite-cm ConfigMap.

To restart the pod, run the following command:
kubectl rollout restart statefulset <hivemeta-pod-name> -n <namespace>