Preparing the Spark Environment

This topic describes how to prepare the environment to run Spark Applications.

To prepare the environment:

  1. Log in to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise web interface as a Kubernetes Administrator. See Launching and Logging In.
  2. Create a New Kubernetes Cluster and ensure that this cluster meets or exceeds the Spark Prerequisites. Ensure you have selected the Enable Spark Operator option during Kubernetes cluster creation step. See Installing and Configuring Spark Operator.
  3. Create a New Kubernetes Tenant and do not assign any quotas when creating this tenant.
  4. If the new Kubernetes tenant will use external LDAP/AD authentication, then see Kubernetes Tenant External Authentication.
  5. Assign a tenant to the Tenant Administrator and depending on authentication selected, see Assigning/Revoking User Roles (Local) or Assigning/Revoking User Roles (LDAP/AD).
  6. Log out of the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise web interface.