Notebook ezmllib Functions

HPE Ezmeral ML Ops on Kubernetes in HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise provides a specialized function library to streamline various Machine Learning (ML) and Spark pipeline operations in Jupyter notebooks. This library, ezmllib, has several modules.

The ezmllib library is a packaged library that streamlines your notebook-based coding experience through built-in Python functions.

Utility Package Modules

The library contains the following modules:


The kubeconfig modules contain functions to set up kubectl access from the notebook, to add users to an existing Kubeflow user secret, and to get information about the user and secret.


The kubeflow modules contain functions to configure a Kubeflow environment in a notebook session, to print Kubeflow job logs in a notebook, and to manage PyTorch and TensorFlow jobs.


The Ezmodelmgmt modules contain functions related to model management. Functions in this module import and set environment variables, create a secret populated with S3 credentials, create model endpoints, register models, and register experiments.


The spark modules contain functions to manage Spark jobs.

For more information about using this module, see Spark on Kubernetes.


The storage modules contain utilities for generating secrets and for uploading and downloading objects from the Amazon S3 object storage service.


The tensorflow modules contain functions to configure a TensorFlow environment in a notebook session.

For reference information about the ezmllib library, see ezmllib

Finding Examples in the Notebook

When you create a notebook in HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise, the notebook includes several examples, located in the examples folder.

Top level examples folder

The examples are organized similarly to the ezmllib modules.

Examples folders in a notebook

Explore the examples to see how ezmllib functions might be used.

Specific example in a notebook

Equivalent Magic and ezmllib Functions

Some magic functions provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise have an equivalent function in the ezmllib library.

Magics are deprecated. Where possible, use the ezmllib functions instead of the equivalent magics.

Example: Calling Functions In a Notebook

The following example shows importing a module and calling functions in a notebook.

Example notebook showing use of ezmllib functions