Toolbar & Main Menu - ML Ops Project Member

Describes the toolbar and navigation sidebar available to users with Tenant Member access rights to an ML Ops project in HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise.


The layout of the Toolbar is the same as described in Navigating the GUI.

Main Menu (ML Ops Project Member)

The main menu for ML Ops projects appears as shown in the following image:

Kubernete Tenant Member menu, ML Ops tenant

Opens the Kubernetes Dashboard screen. See Dashboard - Kubernetes Tenant Member

ML Workbench

Opens the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise new UI in a separate browser tab or window, and displays the Overview tab of Project Details screen of of this project. The interface that is displayed is the primary interface you use to access machine learning (ML Ops) projects.


Opens the DataTaps screen, which enables you to upload and download files.

FS Mounts

Opens the FS Mounts screen, which enables you to upload and download files.


Opens the Kubernetes Applications screen, which enables you to launch applications within Kubernetes pods and access service endpoints and virtual endpoints.


Opens the Notebooks screen, from which you can launch notebook servers and view notebook endpoints.