API Matrices

The App Workbench includes the following APIs:

  • Catalog API: Refers to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise management capabilities, such as support for custom Worker roles. See Catalog API.
  • Configuration API: Handles metadata and JSON structure definitions. See Configuration API.

The tables in these sections list the API versions from newest to oldest, and includes a list of the features added to each version. New features are cumulative, meaning that each new version of an API includes all of the features introduced in previous versions. For example, if you need AWS support, then you may use Version 4 or higher of the Configuration API.

The API versions are specified in the .wb file. If you do not specify a version for one or both of these APIs, then App Workbench will automatically use the latest version(s) of the API(s). For example, if you specify --configapi 4 and do not specify a Catalog API version, then AppWorkbench will use the latest version of the Catalog API and Version 4 of the Configuration API.

NOTE It is best to use the latest API versions unless you are creating an App Store entry for an earlier version of EPIC.

Catalog API

The Catalog API versions, corresponding EPIC version, and features are:

API Version EPIC Version Notes
6 4.0 Adds support for AI/ML projects and additional enhancements.
5 3.5 Adds a "string" type to the metadata JSON.
4 3.4 Support for separate Docker images per virtual node role.
3 3.1 Custom Worker role definitions
2 3.0.5 and previous

Configuration API

The Configuration API versions, corresponding EPIC version, and features are:

API Version EPIC Version Notes
11 5.0 Added support for Ubuntu 18.04.
10 4.0 Added attachments and namespaces, and the --reattach API call to the startscript.
9 3.6 Added the --delete API call to the startscript when deleting the virtual nodes (containers).
8 3.4 Remote copy and execute, plus platform information in namespaces.
7 3.2 Support for Isolated mode, bootstrap actions, and two-phase cluster deletion.
6 3.0.5 Support for CentOS/RHEL 7.x container images and systemctl service registration support.
5 2.6 Added node ID to FQDN maps and introduced bdmacros Python library.
4 2.5 First version with AWS support. This version is not recommended for use.
3 2.4 Tenant information in bdvcli namespaces.
2 2.3 Introduced Catalog bundles.