Connecting to Spark Operator from a KubeDirector Notebook Applications

This topic describes how to submit Spark applications using the EZMLLib library on KubeDirector notebook application.

The EZMLLib library includes the from ezmlib.spark import submit, delete, logs API which sets the configurations of your Spark applications.

You can submit, delete, and check logs of the Spark applications using the API.

Submit Spark Applications

You can submit the Spark applications using two different submit command:
Using Python files
Run the following command:
For example:

Using YAML files
Run the following command:
For example:

Check Logs of the Spark Applications

After you submit the Spark applications, you can check the both events logs and regular logs using logs.

Check events logs
Run logs("<application-name>", events=True).
Check regular logs
Run logs("<application-name>").

Delete Spark Applications

You can delete the Spark applications using delete.
Delete multiple applications
Run delete("<application_1>", "<application_2>").
List available applications and delete applications
Run delete() and enter the space-delimited Spark applications name.
For example:

To learn more about using EZMLLib, see Notebook ezmllib Functions.