Creating a New FS Mount

NOTE Filesystem mounts cannot be created for external Kubernetes clusters. See Importing an External Kubernetes Cluster.

Clicking the Add FS Mounts button in the FS Mounts screen opens the Add FS Mount popup.

To create a new filesystem mount:

  1. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:
    • Name: Name of the filesystem mount. This name must contain only letters, numbers, and/or dashes and must be longer than two characters.
    • Host: Enter either the hostname or IP address of the file system host in the Host field.
    • Share: Enter the name of the path to the NFS export on the NFS server in the Share field.
    • Read Only: Check this check box to allow the virtual nodes in the tenant to be able to access objects in the filesystem mount but be unable to add, modify, or delete those objects. Clearing this check box allows the virtual nodes to add, modify, and remove objects in the filesystem mount.
  2. Click Submit to finish creating the filesystem mount, or Cancel to exit without creating the filesystem mount.