Kubernetes Air-Gap Requirements

Kubernetes containers created within HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise will automatically conform to these requirements. Kubernetes containers that were not created within HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise must be brought into compliance with these requirements before you can use them within the deployment.

If you will be using an air-gap configuration for Kubernetes objects, then you must configure air-gap settings before adding any Kubernetes hosts.


Apply all air-gap settings with care. These settings do not propagate if updated after Kubernetes hosts have been installed, unless one of the following occurs:

  • The Kubernetes host is rebooted.
  • The version of Kubernetes running on a host is upgraded.

Any Kubernetes hosts in a ready state that are not part of a Kubernetes cluster must be restarted for the changes to be applied.


Python version 2.7 or 3.6 and above is required to run the air gap utility script. This script is used to query, filter, and download the container images necessary for your air gap environment. For information on using this script, see Using the Air Gap Utility.

RHEL and CentOS

If you use a Docker client certificate to secure the container registry, you must use a 4096-bit RSA key.

If the certificate uses a different RSA key length, such as 2048 bits, when you attempt to add a Kubernetes host, the following occurs:

  • A storage error is returned.
  • An error message similar to the following is added to the bds-mgmt.log:
    dictionary update sequence element #3 has length 4; 2 is required

Viewing Docker Images By License

To find the Docker images required to run applications provided with HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise in an air-gapped environment, use the Air Gap Utility. See Using the Air Gap Utility.

Within the Air Gap Utility, use the following commands to view Docker images by license:

  • Standard (non-ML Ops):
    • HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise:
      hpe-airgap-util --release <release-number> --license enterprise
    • HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Essentials:
      hpe-airgap-util --release <release-number> --license essential
  • ML Ops:
    hpe-airgap-util --release <release-number> --license mlops
  • Analytics for Apache Spark:
    hpe-airgap-util --release <release-number> --license analytics