Licensing Your Deployment


  • You have purchased a license and obtained the license file.

    To purchase a license, contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

  • If this is an HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Essentials deployment, ensure that you have HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Essentials license. Except for the HPE Ezmeral Instant-On license, after license that includes the full-featured HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise license is uploaded, the deployment cannot be changed to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Essentials.

  • Required access rights: Platform Administrator

About this task

The deployment automatically installs the HPE Ezmeral Instant-On evaluation license for an unlimited number of CPU cores. The HPE Ezmeral Instant-On is valid for 30 days from the installation date. Before the license expires, add a purchased license.


If the HPE Ezmeral Instant-On and all other evaluation licenses expire before before a purchased license has been applied, then the deployment will go into Lockdown mode (see Lockdown Mode). The Platform Administrator will not be able to exit Lockdown mode until a purchased license is applied.


To add a license, you upload the license file from theLicense tab of the System Settings screen.
For more information about licenses, see Licensing.