Installation Overview

The general installation process is as follows:

  1. Plan your installation, as described in Planning Overview and subsequent articles.
  2. Verify that the resources being used meet all of the following requirements and recommendations:
  3. Install the operating system on the host(s) you will be using.
  4. If any of the host(s) include GPUs, then install the GPU drivers as described in GPU Driver Installation.
  5. Determine which installer bundle you need, as described in Bundles.
  6. Obtain the installer bundle, as directed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  7. If needed, add an SSL certificate to permit access to the web interface via https:// instead of unsecured http://, as described in Adding an SSL Certificate.
  8. Use the pre-check script to verify that the machine that will become the Controller host is ready to receive the installation. See Using the Pre-Check Script.
  9. If you are upgrading to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise, follow the instructions for upgrading the platform.
  10. Determine how you will install HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise on the Controller host from the command line interface. Your available options are:
  11. After the installation bundle completes, access the web interface to continue setup, as described in Platform Controller Setup.
  12. Validate the installation as described in Validating the Installation. This will probably involve installing a Worker host (see Kubernetes Worker Installation Overview) and may involve installing a Gateway host (see Gateway Installation Tab).
  13. The deployment automatically installs the HPE Ezmeral Instant-On evaluation license for an unlimited number of CPU cores. The HPE Ezmeral Instant-On is valid for 30 days from the installation date. Before the license expires, add a purchased license as described in Licensing.


    If the HPE Ezmeral Instant-On and all other evaluation licenses expire before before a purchased license has been applied, then the deployment will go into Lockdown mode (see Lockdown Mode). The Platform Administrator will not be able to exit Lockdown mode until a purchased license is applied.

You are now ready to begin using HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise!