Tutorial: Argo Workflows

If you have not done so already: Before beginning this tutorial, download the Kubeflow tutorials zip file, which contains sample files for all of the included Kubeflow tutorials.

This article provides the following two examples:

Simple Workflow

To complete the simple workflow:

  1. Upload argo-hello-world.yaml or argo-hello-world_limit.yaml:
    • If you are running in a profile namespace:
      kubectl apply -f argo-hello-world.yaml -n <namespace>
    • If you are running in a tenant namespace:
      kubectl apply -f argo-hello-world_limit.yaml -n <tenant_namespace>
  2. Check if the workflow is created:
    kubectl get wf -n <namespace>
  3. Verify the relative pod hello-world is created and running.
  4. To remove the workflow, enter the following command:
    kubectl delete wf hello-world -n <namespace>

Parallel Execution Workflow

To complete the parallel execution workflow:

  1. Upload argo-parallel-nested.yaml or argo-parallel-nested_limit.yaml and apply the nested Argo workflow:
    • If you are using the user namespace:
      kubectl apply -f argo-parallel-nested.yaml -n <namespace>
    • If you are using the tenant namespace:
      kubectl apply -f argo-parallel-nested_limit.yaml -n <tenant_namespace>
  2. Check that the pods are created per the template in the .yaml file.
  3. The workflow is successfully completed:
    parallelism-nested-dag-122631356                                  0/2     Completed          0          4m36s
    parallelism-nested-dag-139408975                                  0/2     Completed          0          4m36s
    parallelism-nested-dag-172964213                                  0/2     Completed          0          4m52s
    parallelism-nested-dag-1858975680                                 0/2     Completed          0          4m19s
    parallelism-nested-dag-1892530918                                 0/2     Completed          0          4m3s
    parallelism-nested-dag-1909308537                                 0/2     Completed          0          4m3s
    parallelism-nested-dag-2922067776                                 0/2     Completed          0          2m56s
    parallelism-nested-dag-2938845395                                 0/2     Completed          0          2m56s
    parallelism-nested-dag-2972400633                                 0/2     Completed          0          3m12s
    parallelism-nested-dag-3470313907                                 0/2     Completed          0          4m19s
    parallelism-nested-dag-3487091526                                 0/2     Completed          0          4m4s
    parallelism-nested-dag-3503869145                                 0/2     Completed          0          4m4s
    parallelism-nested-dag-458928436                                  0/2     Completed          0          3m30s
    parallelism-nested-dag-475706055                                  0/2     Completed          0          3m30s
    parallelism-nested-dag-492483674                                  0/2     Completed          0          3m46s
  4. Remove the workflow with the following command:
    kubectl delete wf parallelism-nested-dag -n <namespace>