The KubeDirector Build Screen

Clicking the Next button in the KubeDirector Images screen (see The KubeDirector Images Screen) opens the Build screen, which is where you can build the application.

To build your application:

  1. Use the Output Format pull-down menu to specify the application build format (JSON or YAML).
  2. If you want to force the build process to rebuild and repackage the application even if the image or package already exists, then check the Fore rebuilding and repacking checkbox.
  3. Click the Build button. Clicking this button starts the application deliverable build process using the format specified in the Output Format pull-down menu. The text area in the center of this screen displays the application build logs. Once the application completes successfully, the deliverable file will be located in the <workspace>/deliverables/ directory. For example:
                        [sampleuser@prod21 AWB5.1]# ls
                        appconfig awb20210206.log awb.json bdwb deliverables image logo.png staging status.json
                        [sampleuser@prod21 AWB5.1]# cd deliverables/
                        [sampleuser@prod21 AWB5.1]#

You may now:

  • Download the application by clicking the Download App button.
  • Manually add this application to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise. The new application appears in the App Store screen.

Once the build process has completed, you may click Home to return to the the Application Status screen. See The Application Status Screen.