Creating Multiple Gateways for Table and Stream Replication

You can create multiple gateways for table and stream replication by increasing the number of maprgateway pods.

About this task

By default, HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise 5.3 and later includes the configuration of a single maprgateway pod. For increased performance, high availability (HA), or both, you can create multiple gateways for table and stream replication either before or after the Data Fabric clusters are deployed.


  1. Increment the count parameter for the maprgateway pod.
       count: 2
          image: maprgateway-6.2.0:202101192115C
  2. Reapply the custom resource.
    kubectl apply -f private-kubernetes/examples/picasso14/dataplatform/full.yaml
  3. Register the maprgateway instances by executing the maprcli cluster gateway set command.

    For example:

    maprcli cluster gateway set -dstcluster mydfcluster -gateways "maprgateway- svc.mydfcluster.svc.cluster.local"

    Setting the gateway to the gateway service only needs to be done once, because the service automatically handles subsequent changes to the number of gateways.

    If you are configuring gateways before deploying the cluster, you must wait until after the cluster is deployed before you can register the gateway instances.

    In HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric on Kubernetes, the gateway service name has the following format, where <cluster-name> is the name of the cluster:


    You can obtain the gateway service name for a cluster by executing the following command on the cluster:

    kubectl exec -i admincli-0 -n dataplatform -- /bin/bash -c "maprcli cluster gateway list"