Deleting a Kubernetes Tenant or Project

Describes the process and impact of deleting a Kubernetes tenant or project.

Deleting a Kubernetes Tenant or Project

Deleting a Kubernetes tenant does not affect any data placed on the storage services referenced by the tenant's DataTaps or FS Mounts. To delete a Kubernetes tenant:

  1. Assign yourself as the Kubernetes Administrator using the Assign Users screen. See Assigning/Revoking User Roles (Local).
  2. Log in to the web interface as a Tenant Administrator, and then select Tenants in the Kubernetes main menu to open the Kubernetes Tenants screen. See The Kubernetes Tenants Screen.
  3. Click the Delete icon for each Kubernetes tenant you are deleting.

A confirmation dialog appears. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

CAUTION You cannot undelete a Kubernetes tenant.

Impact of Deleting a Kubernetes Tenant

  • Deleting a Kubernetes tenant unassigns all tenant -level user roles that were assigned to that tenant, but does not delete the user. If deleting this Kubernetes tenant causes one or more users to have zero roles left assigned to them, then the affected users will not be able to log in until they have been assigned at least one role, as described in Assigning/Revoking User Roles (Local).

  • Deleting a Kubernetes tenant does not delete the Tenant Storage. For information, see Tenant/Project Storage.