HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise provides a basic framework that enterprises can leverage to create alerting mechanisms at both the platform and container/virtual node level.


Nagios is the event alerting framework on platform-monitored system services. Customers are expected to configure Nagios and/or write standard plugins/scripts using the following configuration:

  • URL: http://<controller_ip>:8085/nagios
  • Username: nagiosadmin
  • Password: nagiosadmin

Containers/Virtual Nodes

For Docker containers (virtual nodes), the web interface displays the status of core services, such as Auth and HPE Agent, along with some custom services, such as Cloudera Manager or Ambari, that are registered as part of the specific application image; however, it does not provide any out-of-the-box alerting functionality on this level. Best practice is to use any alerting functionality that may be included in the application that is running in the container, such as Cloudera Manager or Ambari.

A RESTful API is also included that can obtain the status of services registered with and monitored by vagent. This data can be used to create custom alerting functionality using existing enterprise monitoring/alerting tools. The RESTful API for monitoring service status is:

You may also install and configure a monitoring tool of your choice (e.g. Nagios) in the virtual nodes as part of application image and/or via ActionScripts. For example, see Setting up Nagios Email Alerts.