Troubleshooting Overview

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise depends on the proper functioning and configuration of its underlying components such as hardware, network, security, and external storage. Platform functionality also depends on successful integration with a wide variety of Big Data applications and services, and other enterprise systems. This section describes operational and troubleshooting scenarios for operations and internal customer support teams.

NOTE Hewlett Packard Enterprise does not provide direct support for third-party or open source Big Data components; however, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technical Support can assist with deploying the platform with these components. It is the customer's responsibility to configure those components and to ensure that other applications function in the desired configuration before escalating an issue to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technical Support. In addition, Hewlett Packard Enterprise may work with and provide information to a third-party vendor. If a defect in a third-party component causes the deployment to perform less optimally, then Hewlett Packard Enterprise will help the customer resolve the solution with the appropriate vendor or open source.

The following articles break down the key platform services and monitoring/alerting hooks. They also provide instructions for diagnosing and correcting common errors.