Platform Logs

Log Names and Locations

The following log names are always for the most recent log. Older logs have a date string appended in the same way as when rotating or archiving /var/log/ messages.

Platform Logs in /var/log/bluedata

The following logs are stored on each host under /var/log/bluedata.


Captures API requests and responses to and from the Management service. By default, only state-changing requests are logged here; some routine operations, such as polling to repeatedly read the status of an object will not appear here. This log is only appended on the currently active Controller host.


The Caching Node service provides an accelerated I/O channel between the storage services referenced by DataTaps and the applications running in the pods. On the Controller host, this service also provides the back end for DataTap browsing. This log captures all these transactions.


The cgroup service is a foundational dependency for the bds-controller and bds-worker services. This log can provide insights on startup issues with the bds-controller and bds-worker services, such as potential issues with the Linux user used to start the services.


The bds-controller service is the Management service. It runs on all the hosts. On the Primary and Shadow Controller, this service also serves the RESTful API. On Worker hosts, this service manages the hypervisor agent. Use this log only when the bds-controller start or stop commands report issues.


This service registers the containers of a host with the Caching Node service. On the Controller host, the Data Server also receives DataTap browsing queries from the Management service. This log captures all these registrations and query requests.


Tracks Management service activities. On the currently active Controller host, this log contains a superset of the information sent to bds-audit.log. The service logs internally initiated tasks, API requests and responses, and some details about the phases and progress of tasks.


The bds-worker service manages the dataserver and the caching node (cnode) services. This log file is the best starting point when the dataserver or cnode services (that comprise DataTaps) have issues. Use this log for troubleshooting when the cnode or dataserver services do not come up.

NOTE The Erlang console logs will still show some messages from Erlang VM; these messages are rarely used.

Other platform logs are contained in subdirectories of /var/log/bluedata or in other directories.


Logs the platform HA setup information.


The install directory contains log files related to installation or upgrade of the platform or Kubernetes nodes.


The platform does not log messages directly to this file. However, if a security or permission violation problem occurs, then this log is a good place to check.

Log Rotation Properties

Log rotation properties are configured in /etc/logrotate.d/bds. The default properties are:

  • Weekly rotation
  • Four (4) older logs retained.
  • All but one of the older logs is in a gzip file.