Generating a Support Bundle

Use the Support/Troubleshooting screen to generate a support bundle.

To generate a support bundle, do the following:

  1. Open the Support/Troubleshooting screen, and then select the Support Bundles tab (see Support Bundles Tab).
  2. If you want to upload the support bundle to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, then check the Upload to HPE check box; otherwise, leave this check box cleared to prevent the report from being uploaded.
  3. Select the desired level of detail using the Support Bundle Level pull-down menu. You may select a number from 1-3, where 1 - sysinfo & primary logs is the least detailed and 3 is the most detailed. Selecting 3 - large files may generate a report that is tens or even hundreds of megabytes in size, depending on your installation and the circumstances.
  4. Click the blue Generate Support Bundle button.
  5. You may download and/or re-upload the new support bundle once the Status changes from Generating to Ready.
NOTE You may generate and/or upload a single support bundle at a time.
NOTE It is preferable to create a support ticket at and attach the support bundle to that ticket.

For information about manually collecting logs to generate a support bundle, seeCollecting Support Bundles.

For information about the contents of support bundles, see Support Bundle Contents.


SymptomRecommended Action
The support bundle is empty, or you are unable to collect a support bundle via the web interface. Collect a support bundle using the command line, as described in Collecting Support Bundles.