Downloading Admin Kubeconfig

Kubernetes Cluster Adminstrator and Platform Adminstrator users can download the Admin Kubeconfig file for a cluster, as follows:

  • Cluster Administrator: Select Download Admin Kubeconfig from the Cluster Operations pull-down menu in the Kubernetes Cluster Details screen. See Viewing Kubernetes Cluster Details.
  • Platform Administrator: Click the Download Admin Kubeconfig icon (down arrow) for the desired cluster in the Kubernetes Clusters screen. See The Kubernetes Clusters Screen.

The downloaded file will look something like this:

apiVersion: v1
- cluster:
    certificate-authority-data: <certificate goes here>
  name: k8s-1
- context:
    cluster: k8s-1
    user: kubernetes-admin
  name: kubernetes-admin@k8s-1
current-context: kubernetes-admin@k8s-1
kind: Config
preferences: {}
- name: kubernetes-admin
    client-certificate-data: <certificate goes here>
    client-key-data: <key goes here>