Kubernetes cluster add-ons provide additional functionality to your HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise deployment. While some add-ons are installed directly on hosts, others are enabled from the Applications Tab of the Create Cluster or Edit Cluster screen.

For information about the add-ons that are supported for this release of HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise, see Support Matrixes.

Not all applications are appropriate for all clusters.

Kubernetes cluster add-ons are installed or enabled in different ways:
  • Required add-ons are installed or enabled by default on each Kubernetes cluster created through HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise.
  • Some add-ons are installed directly on the hosts, or are enabled through the use of host tags.
  • Some add-ons are enabled by selecting the add-on in the Applications tab of Create Cluster or Edit Cluster screen. See Creating a New Kubernetes Cluster and Editing an Existing Kubernetes Cluster.
    Application Configuration Screen
The following list introduces and links to more information about specific add-ons in HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise:
  • Kubernetes cluster applications:
    • Istio Service Mesh provides both a transparent open-source service mesh that overlays onto existing distributed applications and a platform that includes APIs for integration with any logging, telemetry, or policy system.
    • Kubeflow is a machine learning (ML) toolkit for Kubernetes that makes deployments of ML workflows and pipelines on Kubernetes simple, portable and scalable.
    • Airflow is an open-source workflow automation and scheduling system that can be used to author and manage data pipelines.
    • The Spark Operator allows you to run Spark Applications in your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Falco Container Runtime Security provides security and threat detection for hosts and containers.
  • NVIDIA GPU Monitoring collects GPU metrics such as GPU utilization, GPU memory usage, GPU temperature, and other metrics per GPU device and worker node.