Command Reference: edf shutdown cluster

The edf shutdown cluster command shuts down core components in Kubernetes HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric clusters and prevents them from resuming operations.


edf shutdown cluster


The edf shutdown cluster command shuts down HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric on Kubernetes cluster components that require an ordered shut down process, and prevents those components from completing the restart process. Examples of such components include CLDB pods and MFS pods.

When you use the edf shutdown cluster command, pods are shut down and are rebooted, but the pods are put into a wait state immediately after the reboot, which prevents the pods from becoming operational.


This command must be executed from the admincli pod of a Kubernetes Data Fabric cluster.

Use this command to stop operations on a Data Fabric cluster when you want to perform maintenance or upgrade procedures on HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric on Kubernetes.

If you want to troubleshoot one or more core component pods (such as CLDB or MFS), see the edf startup pause command. The edf startup pause prevents the component pods from completing the startup sequence after a pod restart, and pauses indefinitely until startup is manually resumed using the edf startup resume command.

To resume operations on the pod, see the edf startup resume command.


kubectl exec -it admincli-0 -n <pod-namespace> /bin/bash
edf shutdown cluster